Teaching Excellence and Longevity Awards Presented!

At the 2016-2017 Employee Appreciation Program at WHS Wednesday morning, numerous USD 353 personnel were recognized for their years of service and "11" employees of the district were bid a fond farewell as they are retiring. The EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING AWARD for this school year was also announced by the USD 353 Foundation. Out of approx. 30 nominations, the honor went to WHS Instructor Karla Defore! Congratulations Mrs. Defore!! Karla has taught in the district since 2006!

History Comes Alive at Lincoln Living Wax Museum

The 5th graders at Lincoln Elementary on Monday, made history come alive, about 2 dozen or so "famous folk" from the past lined the halls, awaiting the simple push of a button and they'd share a little history about themselves...superbly done and it was fun - who gets to talk to Pocahontas, Ponce De Leon, George Washington, Squantos, Anne Hutchison, Nancy Morgan Hart, Paul Revere, James Oglethorpe, William Penn, John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson and others and eat popcorn in their midst!

The Battles Were On At The Washington Spelling Bee!

The 2nd through 5th grades at Washington Elementary this past week held a Spelling Bee with parents and classmates on hand to observe. It was a battle in each class to ascertain an eventual winner but winners were eventually determined. Congratulations go out to 5th grader Fredrick, 4th grader Jagger, 3rd grader Levi and 2nd grader Raelynn for hanging on for their respective wins! Their pictures and others are accessible via link below.