Congratulations to Cathy Shuck * EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING AWARD Recipient 2017-2018!
                                                                 Congratulations to Chelle Klein * PARA-EDUCATOR of the YEAR Recipient 2017-2018!
                                                           Congratulations to Linda Yates * CLASSIFIED EMPLOYEE of the YEAR Recipient 2017-2018!

Kennedy Classroom Links

Kennedy Classroom Links

Kindergarten - Robyn Davis 

Kindergarten - Kristee Bernd

First Grade - Heather Schmidt 

First Grade- Kellyn Holt

Second Grade - Daphne Adams 

Second Grade - Deyna Smith 

Third Grade - Jill Kiker 

Third Grade - Beverly Sellers 

Fourth Grade - Paula Edwards 

Fourth Grade - Jennifer Wilmoth

Fifth Grade - Nick Wellington

Fifth Grade - Guy Hauck 

Title I Reading - Kathy Ford 

Title I Aide - Molly Stephens 

Resource Room - Tami Dillon 

Resource Room - Vicki Barton

P.E. - Mitch Day 

P.E. - Tim Lira

Vocal Music - Linda Ballard