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WMS Recycling Club Wants Everyone To Do Their Part

WMS Recycling Club Wants Everyone To Do Their Part

Fri, 03/06/2020 - 23:45
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Pictured: WMS Recycling Club members Dayvon Washington and Keela Haslouer
(Courtesy Pic - Ada Farringer)

The Wellington Middle School has various clubs that meet most Fridays.  The Recycling Club members have decorated containers and posters and have placed them throughout the middle school. Keela has also created a Recycling website. The club members hope to encourage everyone to do their part in keeping our school clean. 

They believe that recycling just makes sense for our environment and school community. They would like to see their efforts expanded to increase a wider volume of recycling everywhere in the community. 

Recycling Club students assist by taking trips to the Recycling Center when it is open on Wednesday afternoons.  They want to encourage everyone to do their part!