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Wellington Senior Accepted to A.M.D.A. in LA!

Wellington Senior Accepted to A.M.D.A. in LA!

Fri, 11/15/2019 - 21:22
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Story by Shelby Metcalf

Michaela Adkins, a Wellington High School Senior, has recently been accepted into the American Musical and Dramatic Arts Academy (AMDA) in Los Angeles. AMDA is a private performing arts college with their education opportunities spanning the major performing arts disciplines of Acting, Music Theatre and Dance Theatre. Notable AMDA Alumni include Jesse Tyler Ferguson, actor and star of Modern Family, and pop singer Jason Derulo.

After a rigorous application process, which included an audition and interview, Michaela has been accepted into the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performing Arts program. Only around 20% of applicants who audition are accepted into AMDA. 

At WHS, Michaela is currently active in choir, National Honors Society and Drama. She says she is grateful for the teachers and experiences at WHS that have helped prepare her for her next steps. She states her choir class has been influential in driving her passion for pursuing music and for teaching her a hard work ethic. She travelled to NYC with the WHS choir last February and sang at Carnegie Hall. The experience impacted her and piqued her interest for big city life. 

“I’m excited about the opportunities that come with living in a big city.” she says. However, she adds that she will miss the comfort of and sense of community that living in a small town provides. Michaela also attributes being able to work at her own pace at WHS as beneficial to her. In fact, Michaela will be graduating a year early from WHS. 

Jennifer Ault, choir teacher at WHS, says that Michaela’s leadership in the classroom is something she wishes all kids could have in them. 
“Michaela is a wonderful person inside and out. She puts the choir before herself and wants what is best for the group. She even has ideas for the group after she is gone off to college. That is how invested she is in the program. If I could describe her in one word it would be compassionate. She shows passion in her music whether it's her voice or piano, but also shows compassion to others in the classroom.” adds Ault. 
Congrats, Michaela!