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Knights Host League Scholars Bowl - Finish 2nd!

Knights Host League Scholars Bowl - Finish 2nd!

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 15:31
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The WMS 7/8 Scholar Bowl squads were in action Thursday, for the final time this season. The KNIGHTS hosted the Patriot League Scholars Bowl Championships after school on Thursday. Teams in attendance, in addition to the KNIGHTS, Clearwater Middle School, Haysville West MS, Mulvane MS, Prairie Hills MS, and Rose Hill MS.

Congratulations to both the 7th and 8th grade KNIGHTS – both squads finished 2nd out of 6 teams – what a stellar showing by both groups!! Congratulations to Coach Shanna Fairbanks! The 8th graders actually finished SECOND @ every meet this season…including the grand finale Thursday. Congrats again to all the participants, a very solid group of academicians for sure!!  

Great Job Knights!!

Members include: Camryn Bannister, Philip Starnes, Jax Cornejo, Caleb Nefzger, Jaxson Irey-Hurt, Daniel Garver, Abbey Gill, Michael Davis, Alec Gonzalez, Kate Haines, Heidi Gulick, Hunter Lough