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Knights Attend Manufacturing Day @ Cowley College!

Knights Attend Manufacturing Day @ Cowley College!

Tue, 10/24/2017 - 00:49
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Wellington Middle School 8th grade students attended Cowley College's Manufacturing Day on October 11th.  The day was geared towards hands-on learning workshops in different areas of manufacturing such as: automotive, welding, non-destructive testing, mechatronics and the military. 

Students learned how to change tires and check for oil in the automotive workshop.

In the welding workshop students were able to use a simulation computer program to learn and practice welding as well as using actual welding equipment.

In the non-destructive testing and mechatronics workshops students learned about and used different machines and tools that help build and test different parts of airplanes among many other items. They learned how the military utilizes manufacturing skills within certain areas and how that could be a possible career option. 

A few of these same programs we toured will be ones we will see here at our Cowley College Sumner County campus which is neat as many students expressed interest in those programs and having them here in town will be a great advantage.  

The 8th Grade would like to thank the Board of Education, District Administration, and the Middle School Administration as well as Cowley College for allowing us to attend this event!