IKE INTEREST DAYEisenhower Elementary held their annual INTEREST DAY on Friday and followed it up with another IKE tradition - parading south on PLUM to the Brookdale Senior Care facility. INTEREST DAY always exposes the Eagles to a variety of hobbies, projects, unique skills and talents and more. This year segments ranged from Cookie Decorating to Crossfit to Quilting to Teepee construction and more! The students then held a parade from the school to the Brookdale Nursing Home. Several of the classes made posters/signs and carried flags as they marched and chanted, "I Like Ike." Once they were at the nursing home, each grade took turns singing patriotic songs for the residents. Songs included Yankee Doodle, America, Home On the Range, The Allegiance Rap, The Star Spangled Banner, and Happy Birthday to Eisenhower. Two fifth grade students (Talan Cantrell and Shelby Popplewell) dressed up as Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower and rode on golf carts along with Mayor Shelley Hansel. Mayor Hansel opened the ceremony and declared the event an official Eisenhower Celebration Day. After the celebration, the residents of Brookdale gave students refreshments of juice and cookies. A fun time was had by all.


Eisenhower Interest Day & Parade Held 100716