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Welcome to the USD 353 School District!
To: Patrons of USD 353 Wellington
From: Office of the Superintendent

Recently, this office and the Board of Education have received phone calls and letters from patrons who wish to remain anonymous regarding their complaints. Please realize this will be the official position of those associated with USD 353 Wellington concerning this issue.

The Board and/or administration of USD 353 Wellington will not respond to questions or concerns which arrive to us through anonymous notes, letters, or phone calls. The board maintains official policies and complaint procedures but the complainant must be identified for this process to operate successfully.

This statement is not intended to close any doors of communication with any patron or group of patrons, however, in all fairness to the district employees or others the complaint is being lodged against, they have the right to know who they are dealing with.

On behalf of the USD 353 Board of Education,

Rick Weiss
USD 353 Wellington


Written sealed bids will be received by the Board of Education of Unified School District No. 353, Sumner  County, Kansas at the office of the Board of Education in Wellington, Kansas on the 1st day of May, 2015, at 12:00 p.m. for the Purchase of USD 353 property located at 311 North A, Wellington, Kansas.
The successful bidder shall:
Provide a monetary bid for the purchase of school property located at 311 North A also known as the "Old Junior High".  The successful bidder will be selected based on the price offered for the property. 
No bids shall be awarded to any bidder until such bidder shall first:
  • Include a performance bond in an amount equal to the projected bid.
  • Include a Statutory Bid Bond if the project costs exceed $40,000.00.
  • Include a bid bond if required by the district as set forth in the bid specifications.
Before any bid is considered for award, the bidder may be requested by the school district to submit a statement regarding its previous experience in performing such comparable work, its business and technical organization, its financial resources and labor available to be used in performing the work.
Bids must be sealed, marked and addressed to the Clerk of the Board of Education, Unified School District No353, Sumner County, Kansas.  Failure to do so may result in a premature opening of or failure to open such bid.  No bids will be received after the date and hour specified in the “Invitation for Bids.”
Bids will be received on standard bid forms or forms which indicate clearly the total amount of money to be paid to the school district for the purchase of said property under the terms and conditions as described in this Notice.
Bids submitted prior to the time of bid opening may be withdrawn by written facsimile or telegraphic request.  Bids which are withdrawn may be changed and resubmitted, provided they are received prior to the time set for opening of the bids.
All bids will be publicly opened at the time set for opening specified in this Notice.
Each bid shall be subject to acceptance or rejection by the board within 15 days following the bid opening.  The bidder whose bid is accepted will, within the time established in the bid, enter into a written contract with the school district and furnish a performance bond in the amount indicated in the “Invitation for Bids.”  The Board retains the right to reject any or all bids.
By order of the Board of Education, Unified School District No. 353,Sumner County, Kansas. April 9, 2015.
A NEW transitional USD 353 website has been setup and can be accessed via the link below.  On the new site, you'll find updated info, events, schedules, etc. for the 2014-2015 school year, which will be updated regularly on the new site, not the old site you are currently on.  At this time, the new site remains under construction, while more and more information is transferred from the old site and additional new information is added. Most of the info should be transferred by the time school starts on Tuesday, Aug. 19th.

This old site (again, this current page) will remain active only so the "School Fusion" aspects can still be utilized by students, staff and parents exactly as they have been utilized in the past. Eventually (no exact timetable yet), the School Fusion functions on this old site will be replaced by new applications with similar features and functions on the new site.  Once those transitions are completed, the "new" site will become the "only" site.  Until then, we ask your patience as we blend the 2 sites together into 1 and ask you use this "link-bridge" between the 2 sites in the meantime.

So in essence, you will use this “old site” for now for School Fusion functions only and will use the new site for finding just about everything else with regards to the district. If you don't use School Fusion functions, you may want to "bookmark" the new site until the complete transition takes place.  This is a temporary arrangement and your patience is appreciated. Again, the new site will become the only USD 353 district website once the transition of all functionality from the old site to the new site is complete. Thanks!

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