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REALITY U Pays Visit to WHS!

REALITY U Pays Visit to WHS!

Fri, 10/18/2019 - 02:37
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Reality U is a hands on experience that teaches "financial skills" to the student participants. The 75 minute simulation of life, helps youth acquire personal financial education to prepare them for their lives as adults. In addition to the Sophomores at WHS, Sophs from South Haven, Caldwell, Argonia, Oxford and Conway Springs participated in one of the three sessions held at WHS in the auxiliary gym.

Reality U

The Goals of Reality U are

* Teach teens their performance in school today CAN affect their future.

*Provide students with the opportunity to learn and practice personal finance skills.

*Mobilize the community to become involved stakeholders in education, particularly financial literacy education in their local schools.

Reality U

*Meet several NATIONAL STANDARDS for Financial Literacy:
a. Students will use rational decision-making and planning to set and implement financial goals.
  b. Students will understand sources of income and the relationship between income and career preparation.
, c. Students will understand principles of money management.
  d. Students will understand credit uses and costs.

Reality U

This is the 3rd year REALITY U has been held at WHS. The program is sponsored by IMPACT BANK.


Courtesy of WHS Yearbook (Josie Creamer, Maycee Hunter, Karolina Gadzik, Maddie Hearlson, Patricia Fourniea, Rhett Nance)