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WHS/WMS Choir Concert Well Attended / Well Done!

WHS/WMS Choir Concert Well Attended / Well Done!

Mon, 10/14/2019 - 01:19
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The WHS & WMS Choirs performed Sunday afternoon at WHS - the overall theme - "Singing Gives Us Hope". Both choirs are directed by Jennifer Ault and accompanied by Carol Hisken. 

A well performed and disciplined presentation by all "5" singing groups. The 6th Grade Choir lead off with "Get On Board This Train" by Besig & Price. The 7th Grade Choir would follow with two numbers, "The Solfege Blues" (Gilpin) and "O Desayo" (Levine)

The oldest Knights soon took the stage and performed "Cripple Creek" by Stroope and "Crawdad Song" by Leavitt.

The Crusader Concert Choir and Crusader Singers would close with "Inscription of Hope" (Stroope), "Sing Me To Heaven" (Gawthrop), and "One Voice" by (Emerson).

Well done and directed performances by all of the choirs - their hard work clearly evident. Great Job Knights & Crusaders!