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                                                                                                       ONLINE ENROLLMENT IS STILL OPEN!

                                                If you have not enrolled your student for 19-20 school year, Online Enrollment is still available.
                                                 For instructions, click the Online Enrollment Directions link on this page. If you need further
                                                                  assistance please go to the office of the school your student will be attending.
                                      At WHS ORIENTATION on Tuesday - SOPHS, JUNIORS & SENIORS Must Bring Your Student ID's - thanks!

                                                           IMPORTANT UPCOMING DATES
                                         TODAY - Open House @ All Schools 4PM - 6PM
                                                             AUG. 20th - First Day of School* 

 *WHS ORIENTATION: On Aug. 20th / Jrs. & Srs. 8AM-11AM ** Freshmen / Sophs. NOON - 3PM
                                                      No Lunch Served / Busses Will Run

              *WMS ORIENTATION: On Aug. 20th, only 6th Grade will report (all day) at WMS
                              7th & 8th Grades 
will report for their first day on Aug. 21st

                                                                   AUG. 30th - No School

                   The BANK OF COMMERCE Wellington Crusader APP is ready for launch!

Wellington Crusader APP - Bank of Commerce

"Yard Line Sale" - A WHS Cheerleader Fundraiser

"Yard Line Sale" - A WHS Cheerleader Fundraiser

Fri, 08/31/2018 - 12:20
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The YARD LINE SALE is back!


This is how it works:

The WHS Cheerleaders are having a YARD LINE SALEfundraiser during football this season.

For $25, you can purchase a "yard-line" that gives you "8" chances (4 home games x 2 cash prizes per game) to win $50 cash (double your money). The winner at each home game are determined by which yard line the ball is spotted at the end of the 1st and 3rd quarters. If the ball is on "your yard line", you win $50!

Here's how you get "your piece of the field":

Contact either Katie Franke ( or Hana Thomas Withington (hwithington@usd353.comto make your purchase and "draw" your yard line! The following "yard lines" are available (unless previously drawn by someone else of course) // North 1-49, South 1-49, the 50, North End Zone, South End Zone. The winning yard line will be announced at the end of the 1st and 3rd quarters at each of the 4 regular season HOME games.

Remember - it's possible to win more than once! You DO NOT have to be present to win! You get "your yard line" for the entire season! You can purchase more than one!


Contact Katie or Hana soon! The first HOME GAME and your first of 8 chances to win are approaching quickly!!