Student Donations To Local Food Bank Pouring In...

Student Donations To Local Food Bank Pouring In...

Mon, 11/20/2017 - 21:48
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Donations from area schools are pouring in to the local food bank this holiday season as they quite often do. Just during a 30 minute window this Monday morning, leadership students from Wellington Middle School and younger students from Eisenhower Elementary converged at the same time with truck and van loads of items for the food bank to distribute.

The KNIGHTS unloaded over 1200 items and presented cash donations of nearly $450.00!! The EAGLES unloaded over 2300 items! Other schools are in the mix as well. WHS is gathering up their items today as are other area schools. Some focus more on Christmas so the flow can continue for that upcoming holiday as well!

The students do a great job with this and you can see the pride in their eyes as you peruse the pics below, taken as the KNIGHTS and EAGLES  unloaded their goods! 

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL - including the big hearted students of USD 353 for sure!!