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                                USD 353 is excited to announce our new online enrollment!  Please log into your Infinite Campus parent portal and click
                                on the 2018-2019 enrollment tab located on the bottom left-hand side of the age. On August 7th, stop by the High School
                                and pick up a Kansas Star Visa Card
for each enrolled student and you’ll be good to go! This will eliminate waiting in lines
                                                                                                           and will allow you to enroll at your convenience.

                                                              Kindergarten Parents

                                   Please bring copies of birth certificate, immunization records and proof of address to the High School on August 7th.                                                                                               

Grab 'n Go Breakfast @ WMS!

Grab 'n Go Breakfast @ WMS!

Thu, 11/09/2017 - 01:30
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WMS students are enjoying a new portable breakfast as part of a drive to increase participation in the breakfast program. 

Due to the location of the breakfast downstairs in the cafeteria, not as many students perhaps were participating that might otherwise. So now, students can get a packed breakfast when entering the building through the front doors and can sit with their friends in the halls and eat.  Breakfasts are served from 7:30 until class time.

The Grab 'n Go Breakfast is basically the same breakfast selections served in the downstairs cafeteria with a few changes. Example, no grape juice or syrup will be included in the Grab 'n Go's. (We all know what either of those can do to carpeting!). A few other menu items for similar reasons have been altered but for the most part, the menu is the same or very similar to the same, just more convenient and handy.