WHS FFA Students Spend "Hands-On" Day @ KSU Livestock Birthing Center

WHS FFA Students Spend "Hands-On" Day @ KSU Livestock Birthing Center

Wed, 09/13/2017 - 00:19
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Taima Graves, Annika DeJarnett, Andi Dry, and Moriah Lyne worked at the Kansas State Fair in the Livestock birthing center on Tuesday September 12.  The students taught young and old fair goers how a calf was born and had them help pull a fake calf from a fake cow.  The fake cow helps to train vet students at Kansas State University the right way to pull a calf.  The calf can be twisted and turned around in the fake cow so that students get a "real" feel for what may happen in the real world. 

The girls enjoyed working with Dr. Joyce Robinson from KSU and the other KSU Vet Med students.  This was a great opportunity for them to explore the field of veterinary medicine.  The WHS students have competed in the Veterinary Science Career Development Event several times, this experience will help to build their knowledge and skills for this particular competition. 

Also while at the fair there were baby pigs being born and a real baby calf.  The girls had a fun day talking with Cattlemen sharing their life experiences and watching young kids be amazed at what it's like to pull a calf. Mrs. Linda Chase is the WHS FFA instructor. 

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