CONGRATS TO PAYTON GINTER - Your 2020 4A STATE GIRLS GOLF CHAMPION!!
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                                                                   CONGRATS TO RYLEE RUSK & CALLI HATFIELD!! (4A STATE TENNIS MEDALISTS!)

                                        We are in HYBRID PHASE YELLOW through October 30, 2020 - Most recent  SUPERINTENDENT STATEMENT

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                                                          Next week is a 5 day hybrid schedule week with Remote Learning on Wednesday the 28th           

Hunter Norris CTE SOM SEP 2020

Veterans Day Program @ WHS Cancelled for 2020

March 2020

Locker Content Pickup Day Across USD 353 - Monday @ WHS

Today is "pickup your student's personal belongings", day at "5" of the "6" USD 353 Learning Facilities. Washington, Eisenhower, Lincoln, Kennedy and the Middle School were busy handing out the personal possessions to the parents and the students, at pre-arranged "drive-thrus" across the District.

The High School will be doing this on Monday! (CLICK HERE) for more information about that!

Recycling Picks Up @ Wellington Middle School

WMS is making major gains in the amount of recycling being delivered to the the local recycling center in downtown Wellington. The effort is increasing, thank you to Librarian Mrs. White, 8th Grade Language Arts teacher Mrs. Stark, along with many others!

Marc and Chuck are reportedly friendly and helpful with the processes at the center and are always willing to answer questions about what's recyclable and not recyclable. Thanks to Jamar and Peyton as well - their participation is most helpful!

WHS English Juniors Performing "Monumental" Tasks

Mrs. Sanders' English 11 classes at Wellington High School this semester, as part of their curriculum unit entitled "Monuments", were to pick a person or an event that had a historical impact. The students wrote research papers over their selected topic, having to support an argument as to why their topic was "monumental" and deserving of national recognition. Lastly, the students had to design and build miniatures of a monument that represented their selected topic.

Check out the pics and the monuments - some interesting ones for sure!

Knight/Crusader Band Concerts @ WHS (Videos Added!)

The 6th grade, the 7th & 8th grade, and the High School Bands performed Monday evening at WHS. The Bands were under the direction of Mr. Allen Hisken (Wellington Director of Bands) and Mr. Shawn Knopp, guest conductor from Friends University.

The 6th grade Knights took to the stage, their first "full" concert, song-wise and they performed "5" of them quite well! (March Across the Seas, Procession from "Water Music", Banana Boat Song, Freedom's Road, and Indigo Rock).

WMS Recycling Club Wants Everyone To Do Their Part

The Wellington Middle School has various clubs that meet most Fridays.  The Recycling Club members have decorated containers and posters and have placed them throughout the middle school. Keela has also created a Recycling website. The club members hope to encourage everyone to do their part in keeping our school clean. 

They believe that recycling just makes sense for our environment and school community. They would like to see their efforts expanded to increase a wider volume of recycling everywhere in the community. 

Congratulations to CRUSADER WRESTLERS! Medal, Medal, and Medal!!!


A week that didn't start off as promising in some cases, due to illness, ended with a lot of smiles and a lot of medals! At the Tony's Pizza Event Center in Salina on Friday and Saturday, the 2020 State 4A Wrestling Tournament was held and "4" Wellington Crusaders qualified at last weekend's 4A REGIONAL held @ Wellington HS to take part!